Hi, I'm Kevin Hinton and I draw and paint. I have spent my career as a graphic designer and have been either running my own studios or working freelance for over 30 years, mainly on corporate materials for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, utilities and other technical businesses.


Sketching and painting has always been an occasional enjoyable pastime, but never a serious pursuit. Paintings would sit untouched for months. I would take a sketchbook on holiday and often bring it home unopened. They would take many years to fill. Then I made a decision which changed all that ...



Drawing every day


On January 1st 2018, sitting on the sofa wondering what the year might hold (or maybe what we were doing for lunch) I doodled the Christmas tree in the corner of our living room. It was not a great drawing, but in the spirit of the New Year I thought it might be a nice idea to do a drawing every day. Maybe, if I could keep it up (a very big if), it might even improve my drawing.
I posted the picture on Twitter and, as a nod to my commitment, declared
my intention to the few friends who followed me.


Thanks to the occasional tweet of encouragement I made it to the end of the month. Choosing what to draw seemed to be taking more time than the actually drawing, so deciding on a theme for each month helped. After doodling a celebratory beer on the 1st, the theme chosen for the rest of February was 'things beginning with'. ... Asparagus, ball, etc ...


Around this time the Royal Academy were calling for entries to the Summer Exhibition. Hey, why not? I sent in G for 'Grater'. Much to my surprise, presumably because it was conveniently sized to fill a small hole, it was selected. The whole process was a lot of fun - everyone should try it -  and with this additional boost of encouragement I carried on doodling to the end of 2018, and beyond.


This was beginning to look like a body of work.


So, In July 2019 I stuck my head a little further over the parapet and, with a lot of help from friends and family, had what I optimistically called my first solo exhibition, '365 Days and Counting', at Hemingway Art, in Cassington, Oxford.



Central to the show were the 365 black and white, mainly pen and ink drawings made in 2018, displayed as twelve monthly montage prints, together with the original sketchbooks under the watchful eyes of Statler and Waldorf (Day 70, March 2018, Things I have Kept).


Also shown were montages of the first 6 months of 2019 (now with colour and in a variety of media), a selection of individual images as limited edition prints, and a small selection of portraits.


Follow the links below to see the monthly montages, including more recent sketches, images currently available as individual limited edition prints, and some of my paintings.


I have now made over 1,000 sketches and am currently taking a break from the daily drawings to concentrate on commissions and to work on more involved projects, many of which have been inspired by the drawings I have made over the past three years.

© Kevin Hinton 2020

All original drawings and paintings © Kevin Hinton – Please do not reproduce without permission